I’m idealist. Dreamer. Inventor. Forever tinkering with cameras and photo editor Apps, always on the lookout for better.

I started using Instagram because I am profoundly passionate about photos. One minute later I was thinking: with so many opportunities, chances are good I will find a way to do what I love. So my creative process began.

I need the best of the best to create my gallery, and I expect nothing less from the people who I collaborate with. The rule is one and only: if it excites you, start get creative.

Ulmnlive.com is an ideal opportunity to challenge myself: it is demanding, but it also rewards. And I would have it any other way.


DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE?     Clean and simple, when is done right, it can make more of an impact than even the richest of outfits

ONE STYLE TIP?     Explore, play, get a rebellious attitude. And “Less is more”. Always

ONE PERSONAL ADVICE?     Travel, discover, learn. Curiosity is a gift

THINGS WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU?     I smile all day long. Maybe even when I’m sleeping!


HOLIDAY EVER?     USA roadtrip through California, Arizona, Nevada. The Grand Canyon helicopter flight took my breath away. What a feeling!

CITY TO LOVE?     Paris. So romantic and sophisticated

CITY TO EXPLORE?     New York. You might had been there so many times but it’s always a beautiful find

THINGS TO DO ON WEEKENDS?     Doing things

PLAYLIST AT THE MOMENT?      Cigarettes after sex | Sweet, Lana del Rey ft The Weeknd |Lust For Life, Kygo | Firestone, Queen | Don’t stop me now, Ed Sheeran | Perfect, Apparat ft Soap & Skin | Goodbye, Lil Pump | Gucci Gang

MOVIES/SERIES?     Sense8 and Black Mirror. Thank you Netflix

COLOR?     Black and white?

SEASON?     Summer. I could go around all day all night

PLACE TO SHOP?     Fancy, Mr Porter, online in general

THING IN YOUR WARDROBE?     My white sneaker

DESIGNER?     Alessandro Michele, Cos and Acne studio

FOOD?     I’m addicted to avocado, all good healthy food and Haagen Daz praline and cream. Ups

CAR?     Volkswagen Golf cabriolet 1984 and Mercedes G-Class, vintage interior 

HASHTAG?      #ULMNLIVE What else? haha




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